"Fair competition and the protection of intellectual property are essential to our nation's economic growth. We level the playing field for our clients, holding accountable those that have abused their monopoly power, fixed prices, stolen intellectual property, or conspired to restrain trade."

Eric B. Fastiff, Partner and Chair of the Antitrust & Intellectual Property Practice Group

Microsoft Private Antitrust Litigation

Practice Area: Antitrust & Intellectual Property
Result: Settlements valued at over $700 million
Year: 2003, 2004, 2006

Representing businesses and consumers, Lieff Cabraser prosecuted multiple private antitrust cases against Microsoft Corporation in state courts across the country, including Florida, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Plaintiffs alleged that Microsoft had engaged in anticompetitive conduct, violated state deceptive and unfair business practices statutes, and overcharged businesses and consumers for Windows operating system software and for certain software applications, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office.

In August 2006, the New York Supreme Court granted final approval to a settlement that made available up to $350 million in benefits for New York businesses and consumers. In August 2004, the Court in the North Carolina action granted final approval to a settlement valued at over $89 million.

In June 2004, the Court in the Tennessee action granted final approval to a $64 million settlement.

In November 2003, in the Florida Microsoft litigation, the Court granted final approval to a $202 million settlement, one of the largest antitrust settlements in Florida history.

Lieff Cabraser served as Co-Lead Counsel in the New York, North Carolina and Tennessee cases, and held leadership roles in the Florida case.

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