Defective Products

Computer DefectsDefective computer hardware
Notebook ComputersDefective product
Sharp ProjectorsDefective product

Personal Injury

Deadly Endoscope Superbug InfectionsEndoscopes spread infections
Fiat Chrysler 2015 Models Transmission Problem InjuriesAlleged transmission defect
Boating AccidentsBoat- and water-related defect injuries
Baby Carriage and Stroller DangersDefective child product
Carbon Monoxide PoisoningAsphyxiation
Child Seat and High Chair DangersPersonal injury
Defective Balconies and Unsafe Balcony Injury LawsuitsDefective product
Defective Pools, Wading Pools and TubsPersonal injury
Dialysis Errors InvestigationPersonal injury
Food PoisoningsFood contaminations
Ford F-150 Fuel Tank FiresStraps holding fuel tank break
Hospital Radiation OverexposureRadiation exposure
Plate Glass Window InjuriesDefective product
Portable Child Swing DangersPersonal injury
Seat Back CollapsesVehicle defect
Tylenol Liver Failure and AcetaminophenAccidental overdose and liver failure
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