Antitrust & Intellectual Property

Comdata Truck Stop Class Action$130 million in settlements2014
CopyTele Litigation$9 million settlement2014
Titanium Dioxide Antitrust Class Action$163 million in settlements2013
TFT-LCD (Flat Panel)$470 million in settlements2012
Norvir$52 million settlement2011
De Beers Diamonds$295 million settlement and historic injunction2011
Magnetic Iron Oxide$6.35 million settlement2009
Natural Gas Antitrust Cases$1.25 billion settlement2007
3MSettlement valued at over $40 million2006
CosmeticsSettlement valued at $175 million2005
Lupron$150 million settlement2005
Wholesale Electricity Antitrust Cases$1.066 billion in settlements2005
Buspar$90 million settlement2003
MicrosoftSettlements valued at over $700 million2003
California Vitamins Cases$105 million settlement2002
California Pharmaceutical CasesSettlement valued at $171 million2001
Lasik/PRK$12.5 million settlement2001
Carpet Antitrust$50 million settlement2001
Toys 'R' Us$56 million settlement2000
Brand Name Prescription Drugs$723 million settlement1998
Travel Agency Commissions$82 million settlement1997
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Consumer Protection

Neurontin$325 million settlement2014
Payment Protection Credit Card Litigation$53.5 million settlement2013
Chase "Check Loan"$100 million settlement2012
Bank of America Overdraft Fees$410 million settlement2011
Dell False Discounts$50 cash payments2011
Inaccurate Credit ReportingSecond-largest settlement ever under Fair Credit Reporting Act2011
Estratest$16.5 million settlement2010
Ameriquest$22 million settlement2010
Vytorin/Zetia$41.5 million settlement2010
Property ID$40 million settlement2009
California Emergency PhysiciansComplete debt elimination provided2008
California Uninsured Patient Hospital Pricing LitigationPrice discrimination against California uninsured patients ended2008
John Muir Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $115 million2008
Scripps Health Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $73 million2008
Catholic Healthcare WestSettlement valued at $423 million2007
Auto Loan DiscriminationProviding for refinancing of billions of dollars in auto loans, and requiring new procedures to stop racial discrimination.2006
Nextel CommunicationsSettlement valued at $55 million2006
Sutter Health Uninsured PatientsSettlement valued at $276 million2006
California Title Insurance$50 million settlement2004
Fairbanks Capital$55 million settlement2004
Citigroup Loan CasesSettlement valued at $240 million2003
Reverse Mortgage Cases$8 million settlement2003
Progressive CorporationSettlement valued at $450 million2002
Providian Credit Card Practices$105 settlement2001
American Family Publishers$33 million settlement2000
Synthroid Marketing$87.4 million settlement2000
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Defective Products

Bosch Washing Machine Mold & Mildew$55 payment to each claimant2015
DuPont Imprelis Herbicide Class ActionNearly $400 million in claims paid2013
LG Refrigerator DefectsNationwide settlement2012
Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid$650 payment or $1,300 certificate for purchase of new car2011
Dell Inspiron 1150, 5100 and 5160 NotebooksSettlement2010
Viking 3000 Series WindowsUp to $500 payment to class members2010
Intuit QuickBooksFree software upgrade provided2009
Menu Foods$24 million settlement2008
Carrier Furnaces20-year enhanced warranty of free service & free parts2008
Dell Inspiron 5150 Notebooks100% cash refund2006
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100Extended warranty and reimbursement for repairs2006
Poz-Lok Fire Sprinkler Pipes$14.5 million settlement2004
Toshiba Laptop FlickerExtended warranty and reimbursement for repairs2004
Cemwood Roof Shakes$140 million settlements2003
Fleetwood Motor Homes$250 payment to class members2003
Weyerhaeuser Hardboard SidingExtended warranty and reimbursement for repairs2000
ABS Pipes$70 million settlement1998
Hurd Millwork Windows & Doors$5.3 million settlement1998
Masonite Hardboard SidingOver $1 billion settlement1998
Louisiana-Pacific Siding$475 million settlement1996
Chrysler Minivan Latches3.8 million vehicles recalled to replace faulty rear latches1995
GM Pickup TrucksSettlement valued at $600 million1995
Intel Pentium ProcessorSettlement valued at $1 billion1995
Mobil Aircraft Engine Oil$12.5 million settlement1995
Polybutylene Piping$950 million settlement1995
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Employment Law

CostCo Wholesale Corporation$8 million settlement2014
Bank of America & Merrill Lynch Discrimination$39 million settlement2013
Tata Workers in America$29.75 million settlement2013
AT&T IT Workers$12.5 million settlement in overtime pay case2011
Wells Fargo IT Workers$6.72 million settlement2011
Premera Blue Cross Overtime$1.45 million settlement2011
Best Buy DiscriminationExtensive personnel policy and procedure changes2011
Farmers' Insurance Exchange$8 million settlement2010
Inter-Con Security Services$4 million settlement2008
McCormick & Schmick's$2.1 million settlement2008
Smith Barney$33 million settlement in gender discrimination case2008
Morgan Stanley$16 million settlement2008
Wal-Mart$35 million settlement plus injunction to prevent wage and hour violations2008
Cadence$7.6 million settlement2008
FedEx Express$54.9 million settlement in race discrimination class action2007
Wells Fargo Overtime$12.8 million settlement in overtime pay class action2007
IBM$65 million settlement, a record amount in overtime litigation involving IT workers2007
Adecco Vacation Pay$3.1 million settlement2006
Longs Drugs$11 million settlement2005
Abercrombie & Fitch$50 million settlement and implementation of program to prevent discrimination2005
Computer Sciences Corporation I$24 million settlement2005
United Airlines$36.5 million settlement in gender discrimination class action2004
Allied Group$8 million settlement2004
SBC Communications$10 million settlement2002
Perdue Farms$10 million settlement2002
California State Automobile Association$8 million settlement2002
UPS$12 million settlement1999
Home Depot$87.5 million settlement and modification of practices to ensure qualified women were hired & promoted1998
Consolidated Freightways$13.5 million settlement1993
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Environmental Litigation

Tennessee TVA Coal Ash Spill$27.8 million settlement2014
DuPont Imprelis HerbicideNearly $400 million in claims paid2013
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill$1.5 billion in awards and other payments2006
Louisiana Crawfish$45 million settlement2004
Kentucky Coal SludgeSettled claims for 400 property owners2003
Toms River Cancer IncidentsConfidential settlement2001
Unocal Refinery Toxic Discharge$80 million settlement1997
GCC Richmond Works Toxic Discharge$180 million settlement1995
Sacramento River Toxic Spill$16 million settlement1994
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False Claims Act

Office Depot Government Pricing$77.5 million settlement2015
Sutter Anesthesia Billing$46 million settlement2013
ATK$37 million settlement2012
Avaya, Lucent & AT&T$21.75 million settlement2010
University of Phoenix$78.5 million settlement2009

Personal Injury

Simply Thick Recall LawsuitConfidential settlement2014
AMO Lens SolutionConfidential settlement2011
Guillot v. DaimlerChrysler$7.2 million verdict2010
Medtronic Heart Lead RecallSettlement2010
Mraz v. DaimlerChrysler$54 million verdict in defective vehicle case2009
Blood FactorConfidential settlements2009
ReNu with MoistureLocConfidential settlement2009
Yamaha RhinoNew safety features added to vehicles2009
Flash Airlines Boeing 737 Air DisasterConfidential settlement2009
Guidant Defibrillators$240 million settlement2008
Bextra / Celebrex$850 million in settlements2008
Vioxx$4.85 billion settlement2007
BaycolConfidential settlements2006
Tri-State Crematory$37 million settlement2004
Sulzer Hip & Knee Implants$1 billion settlement2002
Telectronics Pacing Systems$58 million settlement2001
Vanderbilt Radiation Exposure$10.3 million settlement1998
Multi-State Tobacco Suits and Master Settlement$42 billion settlement1998
Albuterol$150 million settlement1995
Silicone Gel Breast ImplantsOver 100,000 women have received settlement awards1995
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Privacy & Data Security

AT&T & NSA SpyingAct of Congress effectively ended lawsuit2008
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Securities & Investor Fraud

Bank of New York Mellon FOREX Manipulation $504 million in settlements2015
Diamond Foods Securities LitigationSettlement valued at $127.3 million2014
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Merger Securities CasesConfidential settlement2013
AXA Rosenberg Investor Litigation$65 million settlement2012
BroadcomSettlements valued at $197.5 million2011
Tyco International$54 million settlement2009
Brooks Automation$7.75 million settlement2008
Cablevision$34.4 million settlement2008
Qwest CommunicationsRecoveries for clients in direct action were 13 times what they would have received in class case2007
Alex.Brown SecuritiesConfidential settlement2006
Peregrine$45 million settlement2006
AOL Time WarnerClients recovered 50 times what they would have received in a class case2006
McKesson HBOC$145 million settlement2004
Media Vision$31 million settlement2003
Scorpion Technologies$170 million jury verdict2002
Network Associates$30 million settlement2001
Princeton Notes$50 million settlement, a 100% recovery for our client2001
California Micro Devices$31 million settlement2001
Informix/Illustra$136 million settlement1999
First Capital HoldingsSettlement valued at $1 billion1994
FPI/Agretech$32 million settlement1994
FundAmerica$13 million settlement1990
Celera CorporationConfidential settlement2014
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