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Columbia Law School Magazine Profiles Robert Lieff

Robert LieffThe Columbia Law School magazine profiled class of 1961 alumni Robert Lieff, reviewing both his life’s work and his extensive philanthropy. “Lieff has shown an uncanny capacity to spur impact on a game-changing level.”

Lieff’s career in class-action litigation began with a youthful decision to head West. In 1965, he accepted a job in San Francisco working for the famously brash and effective personal injury lawyer Melvin Belli, who had become known as the “King of Torts.”

“I spent the decade learning about claims practice,” says Lieff, who recently served as co-chair of his 50th reunion and is working on a memoir about his plaintiff-side litigation work during the heady 1960s. “There were no class-action suits back then, just small individual cases.”

Lieff added, “You have to care about the underdog and be a risk taker at heart to do big class-action suits.”

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