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Government and Manufacturers Slow to Respond to Manifest Tylenol Risks

Lawsuits are growing against the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol manufacturer McNeil for liver damage injuries alleged to have been caused by acetaminophen (Tylenol’s active ingredient). Businessweek notes that the suits accuse the company of making “conscious decisions not to redesign, re-label, warn, or inform the unsuspecting consuming public” about the dangers of the drug.

The correlation between acetaminophen and liver damage has been known for over 35 years. Advisers for the FDA had long recommended increased warnings on acetaminophen labels, but the agency did not actually require these added cautionary descriptions until 2009.

Approximately 150 people die each year after unwittingly consuming too much acetaminophen, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a new poll commissioned by ProPublica and This American Life, a startling fifty-one percent of poll respondents were unaware of any safety warnings associated with Tylenol. ProPublica noted that with thousands of consumers ending up in hospitals and emergency rooms each year with acetaminophen poisoning, the FDA has finally acknowledged acetaminophen/Tylenol’s risks as a “persistent, important public health problem.”

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