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Is Yaz Safe For Me? Answers To This And Other Important Questions

Yaz birth control medication

Don’t All Birth Control Pills Have Risks?

Yes. Taking estrogen, the basic ingredient in birth control pills, raises the risk of developing blood clots, which can be lethal if undetected or untreated.

Why Have Lawsuits Been Filed By Women Injured While Taking Yaz and Yasmin?

The Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits charge that oral contraceptives that drospirenone, which is added to estrogen component in these drugs, poses a significantly greater risk of serious side effects than other widely available birth control drugs.

Yaz and Yasmin are comparatively new prescription birth control pills manufactured and marketed by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration first approved Yasmin in 2001 and then approved its similar sister drug, Yaz, in 2006.

Yaz and Yasmin contain the same active ingredients, which are a combination of synthetic hormones ethinyl estradiol, the estrogen, and drospirenone, the progestin.

What makes Yasmin and Yaz different from many other birth control pills is that drospirenone was never used in birth control pills sold in the U.S. prior to the introduction of Yasmin and Yaz.

Certain studies have shown that birth control drugs with drospirenone are linked to a two- to three-fold greater risk of women developing blood clots than women who took birth control that do not contain drospirenone.

In certain cases, women have died suddenly. But we cannot advise you about what’s medically right for you. Please ask your physician or health care provider any questions specific to your health.

Why Is Bayer Responsible For The Injuries Women Taking Yaz Have Suffered?

Pharmaceutical companies owe a duty to patients to sell prescription drugs that are safe and effective, and fully disclose the risks associated with their drugs. The Yaz suits charge that Bayer failed to comply with this duty. Bayer was aware of the greater risk of blood clots from Yaz and Yasmin compared to other birth control drugs, and failed to adequately warn patients and physicians of this risk, the lawsuits charge.

How Many Yaz Lawsuits Has Bayer Settled?

To date, Bayer has announced settlements of 7,660 claims – totaling $1.6 billion – in the Yaz birth control lawsuits.

Are You Yaz Injury Attorneys?

Yes. At Lieff Cabraser, we have a team of experienced female personal attorneys assigned to help women across America injured by Yaz. We have successfully negotiated many confidential settlements with Bayer.

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