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Daniel Hutchinson Recognized As One of Nation’s Top Employment Attorneys Under 40

Daniel Hutchinson Rising Star

The online legal publication Law360 has selected Lieff Cabraser’s Daniel Hutchinson as a 2014 Rising Star for his outstanding work as a litigator in the field of employment law. From a nominee pool of over 1,000 attorneys, Law360 selected 163 Rising Stars for 2014 under the age of 40.

Among the cases Hutchinson litigated that Law360 highlighted was a class action against Tata America International Corp. that culminated in a nearly $30 million settlement. The suit charged that Tata required nearly 13,000 foreign national employees working for Tata in the U.S. to hand over their federal and state tax refund checks.

Hutchinson noted that he was proud of the case, which required a win at the Ninth Circuit to keep the claims out of arbitration and extensive administrative legerdemain to obtain depositions from Tata personnel based in India and discovery of Tata’s files in India. “For employees,” Hutchinson stated to Law360, “it’s important for them to be in a system where they feel they’re being treated fairly. We’re able to work with the companies, and have an open conversation about changing their practices. I’m really excited about coming to work every day and changing some of these practices.”

As Law360 observed, Hutchinson’s possesses a unique background. After earning an undergraduate degree from Brown University he spent three years teaching in the same Oakland, California, pubic school system where had been a student. “One thing I have, that’s very fortunate, my hardest day doesn’t compare to my days as a teacher,” Hutchinson said. “The stress of working as an attorney doesn’t compare to the stress of having 150 middle school kids I’m teaching every day.”