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Elizabeth Cabraser and Kelly Dermody Recognized as Leading California Women Lawyers


The Daily Journal has named Elizabeth J. Cabraser and Kelly M. Dermody to its list of the 2014 Leading California Women Lawyers. The editors reviewed hundreds of nominations from law firms, public agencies, nonprofits, and universities, and selected 100 litigators based on the criteria that their work has had a broad impact on the legal community and on society at large. Over 80,000 women in California are licensed to practice law.

The Daily Journal noted that Cabraser, the chair of the firm’s personal injury practice group, is at the forefront of some of the nation’s highly recognized litigation. These cases include class actions against Google for the unauthorized interception of personal data transmitted on home Wi-Fi networks, Toyota for unintended acceleration accidents, and BP for the environmental and economic damage due to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig blowout. To date, plaintiffs of the BP litigation have received more than $3.8 billion in compensation.

Currently, Cabraser is spearheading class actions against GM and its vehicles for alleged faulty ignition switches.

“We’re asking for the courts to take control of the recall and make sure that it happens, and that people are compensated for economic damages related to the recall,” Cabraser said about the GM case. “We want the court to consider the appropriate level of penalties for the violation of various state laws.”

The chair of Lieff Cabraser’s Employment practice group, Dermody, settled an antitrust case against some of the biggest technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Intel, as the co-lead class counsel. The defendants allegedly violated antitrust laws by conspiring to not recruit each other’s employees and suppressing salaries.

Dermody also served as a co-lead counsel in a gender discrimination case against Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. A $39 million settlement was approved in December 2013.

“This is a continuation of what I’ve been working on for about the last 15 years, representing professional women who are dealing with systemic discrimination,” Dermody said about the employment case. “It’s something that I care passionately about.”