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Roger Heller Selected As One Of Nation’s Top Consumer Attorneys Under 40

Roger Heller Selected as Top Consumer Attorney

The online legal publication Law360 has selected Lieff Cabraser Partner Roger Heller as a 2014 Rising Star for his stellar work as a litigator in the field of consumer law. Law360 selected 163 attorneys under the age of 40 for the 2014 Rising Stars award from a pool of over 1,000 nominations.

The principal consumer fraud case that propelled Heller into the Rising Star spotlight was Gutierrez v. Wells Fargo, in which a $203 million judgment was obtained. The class action complaint alleged that Wells Fargo posted debit card transactions with the highest amounts first, as opposed to chronologically, in order to maximize overdraft fees. The verdict is currently on appeal.

Heller and his team members disputed the bank’s consumer account agreements at a two-week class action bench trial. Heller told Law 360, “The key was exposing both the pervasiveness of the representations that the bank was making with respect to how the transactions would be posted and also addressing Wells Fargo’s attempt to justify the practice on some basis other than maximizing the amount of money they can make.”

After four years as a senior staff attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, Heller chose to peruse a career achieving justice for consumers. Heller told Law 360, “I was attracted to a law firm environment where attorneys gravitated to pursue the shared mission of vindicating consumer rights.”