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Top 3 Factors for Whistleblowers in Selecting a Lawyer

Top 3 Factors for Whistleblowers

I’m Robert Nelson, the chair of Lieff Cabraser’s Whistleblower law practice group. I’ve published two new videos relating to whistleblower law. The topics include guidance for individuals seeking a whistleblower case lawyer, as well as a general overview of whistleblower law and how whistleblower plaintiff cases are managed and advanced.

The first clip is entitled, "The Top 3 Factors for Whistleblowers in Selecting a Lawyer," and in it I provide a review of the most important factors whistleblowers should consider in selecting counsel to represent them in a False Claims Act case.

The second clip offers my overview of Lieff Cabraser’s False Claims Act practice, highlighting our past achievements in the field as well as Lieff Cabraser’s unique strengths, and providing insight into this complex and significant area of law generally.

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