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Dean Harvey Speaks at ABA Business Torts & Civil RICO Committee Town Hall Meeting

Dean Harvey Speaks at ABA Business Torts & Civil RICO Committee Town Hall Meeting

The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Antitrust Law Business Torts & Civil RICO Committee (BTCR) presents a Town Hall Meeting on December 15, 2014. Lieff Cabraser attorney Dean M. Harvey will be featured as a panelist in a discussion about the committee’s mission, leadership, and volunteer opportunities.

The Town Hall Meeting will involve exploring ways to address plaintiff-side practitioners and their areas of interest, understanding real-life situations of RICO and antitrust, and exploring sources of law that arise in complex antitrust litigation matters.

The Business Torts & Civil RICO Committee focuses on federal and state competition law, in which litigation matters involving business competition and anti-competitive practices often use business torts and civil RICO claims in lieu of antitrust claims.

Mr. Harvey is a partner in the San Francisco office, representing individuals and companies in antitrust and intellectual property litigation. His cases seek to remedy and prevent wrongful conduct by dominant firms in a wide variety of industries and markets, including high-technology labor, pharmaceuticals, microprocessors, food packaging, automobiles, payment systems, air transportation, electric power, municipal construction, and long-haul trucking. Mr. Harvey is currently involved in a class action against Google, Apple, Intel, and other tech giants for allegedly conspiring to suppress the mobility and compensation of their technical employees.