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Lexi Hazam Discusses Superbug Infections from Contaminated Medical Scopes

Over the last few months, news outlets have reported on outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant “superbug” infections at hospitals across the United States, infections alleged to have been caused by insufficiently cleaned and/or defectively designed medical scopes (duodenoscopes). The list of states with hospitals reporting superbug infection outbreaks includes California, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

This week, reports surfaced that similar infections had broken out in Europe over a year before the US outbreak began gaining national attention.

Lieff Cabraser represent clients nationwide in individual personal injury lawsuits, including patients who developed superbug CRE infections from contaminated medical scopes. In the video below, attorney Lexi Hazam describes the problem of contaminated duodenoscopes spreading deadly superbug infections, and provides additional information for affected patients and their families.

While about a dozen hospitals nationwide have reported CRE outbreaks linked to contaminated duodenoscopes over the past year, we believe many more hospitals have not informed the public of similar CRE outbreaks at their facilities.

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