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Dismissal of False Park Defect Lawsuit Against Chrysler Reversed

Dismissal of False Park Defect Lawsuit Against Chrysler Reversed

Attorney Fabrice Vincent of the national plaintiffs’ law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP announced that a federal appeals court today reversed an order that had dismissed wrongful death claims stemming from an alleged transmission defect in many Chrysler vehicles.


As a result of the “park-to-reverse” defect at issue in the case, Pavoni v. Chrysler Group, LLC, No. 13-55761, a driver can place a vehicle into what appears to be park gear when the transmission is actually in an intermediate, “false-park” gear. If the engine is left running — for example, when a driver leaves the vehicle to check her mailbox or parking position — the vehicle can suddenly and unexpectedly jerk into powered reverse, causing injuries or even deaths.

The case involves a double fatality that pretrial evidence indicates was caused by a park-to-reverse event in a Chrysler-manufactured 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Rose Coats was found crushed to death, standing upright, between the open driver’s side door and the corner of her garage frame. Her husband Roy was lying directly underneath her, dead of a heart attack. The vehicle’s engine was running with the transmission in reverse.

The district court granted summary judgment to Chrysler despite this suspicious scene and the documented history of Chrysler park-to-reverse incidents, and even though an automotive expert’s testing of the Coats minivan revealed that a driver could unwittingly place its transmission into a false park gear.

The Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded for trial in a published opinion. The court wrote “that genuine issues of material fact exist as to whether a ‘false park’ defect in the Coats’ Grand Caravan caused the deaths of Roy and Rose Coats. We also find that the district court incorrectly applied the relevant substantive law.”

Today’s opinion explained that “[t]he alleged existence of the ‘false park’ defect, documented in Chrysler vehicles by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and identified in the Grand Caravan through Plaintiffs’ expert Rosenbluth’s testing, along with the details of Roy and Rose Coats’ deaths, present genuine issues of material fact that would allow a reasonable jury to conclude that the ‘false park’ defect was the legal cause of the accident and their deaths.”

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