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Law360 Names Lieff Cabraser a Most Feared Plaintiffs Firm

For the third year in a row, legal news service Law360 has selected Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein as one of the nation’s Most Feared Plaintiffs Firms. Law360 observed that Lieff Cabraser’s active involvement in cases such as the High Tech Employee antitrust action, mass tort cases against Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Stryker Corp. over allegedly harmful drugs and medical devices, an illegal marketing case against Warner-Lambert Co. and Pfizer relating to the drug Neurontin, and in litigation against BP over the 2012 Deepwater spill, led the firm to stand out among its peers.

Managing partner Steven Fineman told Law360 that the firm’s capacity to win at trial is one important factor in its success. “You have to be able to and willing to try cases,” he said. “Otherwise, you’re going to get run over, because the lawyers on the other side of these cases are very good.”

As Law360 noted, “Lieff Cabraser spent the past year facing off against a who’s who of major class action defendants, negotiating headline-grabbing settlements with companies ranging from Apple and Google to Philip Morris and other tobacco giants. The firm persists as a formidable agency of change, producing world class legal work against some of the most powerful corporate players in the world today.”

Note: Lieff Cabraser attorney Don Arbitblit had a substantial role on the successful Actos MDL trial team, but did not participate in the negotiation of the $2.4 billion settlement against Takeda.