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Deadly superbug CRE bacteria

Olympus Kept U.S. Hospitals in the Dark About Deadly Infections

The Los Angeles Times has published a scathing report on failures by medical device company Olympus to respond to warnings from its own researchers about contamination dangers in certain medical examination scopes, failures that led to the deaths of 21 people and severe injury to dozens more. The US FDA identified at least 7 separate infection outbreaks relating to the Olympus scopes over the last three years in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

As the Times notes, “Even as patients died and others were put at risk, Olympus continued to sell the device and failed to warn U.S. hospitals that the scopes were tied to dangerous infections, according to interviews with dozens of hospital officials, doctors, regulators and former Olympus employees.” The article goes on, “After each outbreak, Olympus contended that its scopes did not cause the infections and blamed the hospitals for not cleaning them properly. The company treated each case as an isolated incident, not telling the U.S. hospitals that they weren’t alone.”

Analysis indicates that Olympus controls 85% of the U.S. market for these gastrointestinal scopes. U.S. prosecutors and congressional investigators are looking into the responses of Olympus and two other, smaller scope manufacturers to the superbug outbreaks.

You can read the full article on the LA Times website.

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