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Xarelto Event Timeline

Xarelto Bleed Injury Timeline 2016, Lawsuit Updates, and Patient Information

Xarelto Release in 2011 Leads to Thousands of Serious Injuries by 2014, Consolidated Lawsuits Through 2016-2017

Xarelto Multidistrict Litigation – Case Update

The Xarelto multidistrict bellwether litigation is moving forward in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. The Court asked the parties in late December 2015 to select pool cases, which selection was completed January 11, 2016. The Court also requested that the chosen cases reflect multiple Xarelto injury categories, including gastrointestinal bleed and gi bleeding, brain bleeding events, hemorrhages, and hemorrhagic strokes. The Court is expected to select additional cases for inclusion originating in multiple states. The first trials are set for early February 2017 in Louisiana, with subsequent trials to occur in Mississippi and Texas in April and May 2017.

Xarelto was released in July 2011 to prevent blood clots in patients undergoing knee and hip surgeries, and its use was then expanded to include patients with irregular heartbeats or facing likely lung and leg blood clots. It was also used to prevent clots in some people with atrial fibrillation. The drug is taken as a pill with the chemical name rivaroxaban. The new Xarelto patient information injury and lawsuit timeline shown below tracks Xarelto from its release to thousands of patient injury reports less than two years later, to thousands of Xarelto death and uncontrolled bleeding injury lawsuits slated for bellwether treatment in 2016 and 2017.

Xarelto Bleed Injury and Lawsuit Timeline 2011 thru 2017

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