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Buffalo Bills’ AJ Tarpley Announces Retirement Because of NFL Concussions, Risks

Numerous news outlets, including ESPN, NBC, and the Buffalo News are reporting that second-year Buffalo Bills linebacker AJ Tarpley has announced his retirement from football because of heightened concerns about the health risks of playing NFL football relating to concussion injuries. Tarpley’s statement noted that he’d suffered the third and fourth concussions of his career last year. The risks of continuing to play the sport he loves are seen as outweighing any satisfactions from the game, both personal and financial.

As awareness of the inherent dangers of high-contact sports spreads, it will be interesting to see what other players decide to do with respect to their health and professional sports careers. In this instance, Tarpley went on to explain that leaving the NFL was the hardest decision he’s ever made. The California native played 54 games while on the Stanford football team before going pro with the Bills.

NFL Players Lawsuit Summary

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