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Lieff Cabraser’s Daniel Hutchinson Analyzes Announced Uber drivers’ Class Action Settlement

Daniel Hutchinson Analyzes Announced Uber Drivers’ Class Action Settlement

Uber rideshare company has settled a class action lawsuit regarding the employment status of its drivers for about $100 million, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Plaintiffs in the case have had varying reactions to the news. Some are filing objections to the settlement – including name plaintiff Douglas O’Connor, who bashed the deal as nothing less than “disastrous” and “unjust.” (O’Connor has accused his attorney of obtaining his signature via a misrepresentation after failing to specify the terms of the deal). Other Uber drivers are pleased with the agreement, according to the lead plaintiffs’ attorney in the case, as reported in The Washington Post.

The suit includes a group of more than 380,000 drivers (the “class”) in Massachusetts and California, and the court is scheduled to hear objections next month.

Lieff Cabraser partner Daniel M. Hutchinson, an expert in employment law, offered this analysis to the East Bay Times. Hutchinson noted that when the court evaluates the settlement next month, it won’t necessarily give extra weight to O’Connor’s objection. “Everyone in the class should be on equal footing,” Hutchinson noted. “And one person’s voice shouldn’t count for more or less.”

You can read the full article in the San Jose Mercury News.