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Food From The Bar: Lieff Cabraser Staff Volunteers at SF-Marin Food Bank

Food From The Bar: Lieff Cabraser Staff Volunteers at SF-Marin Food Bank

Last week, Lieff Cabraser staff members, including Hazel Mottershead, Rami Bata, Ali Brilliant, Florencia Cudos, Spencer Griffith, Kewa Jiang, Juliette Kruse, Diamond Lewis, Yenny Lok Ung, and Elizabeth Schneider, volunteered at the SF-Marin Food Bank and helped pack over 27,000 pounds of apples. This marks the 25th anniversary of the annual Food From The Bar special event.

Sponsored by the Bar Association of San Francisco, Food From The Bar is the largest fundraiser for the SF-Marin Food Bank. Last year, the campaign included 61 participating organizations in San Francisco and Marin County, raising more than $692,000, collecting 7,700 pounds of food, and contributing 1,658 volunteer hours at the food bank. This year, the 2016 Food From The Bar Campaign will run from May 2 through June 3.

The fundraising drive’s mission is to end hunger in both San Francisco and Marin counties, where one in four people are at risk of food insecurity. In its 25 years of existence, the Food From The Bar Campaign has provided enough food for 16,866,560 meals. So far this year, the campaign has raised $118,921 which will go towards helping eliminate hunger in the community. The campaign’s 2016 goal is to provide at least 2 million more meals for the hungry. For each dollar donated, the Food Bank will be able to distribute $5 worth of food – enough for 3 meals.

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