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Sudden-Drop Honda Window Problems Plague Pilot, Civic, Element Drivers and Other Honda Owners

Sudden-Drop Honda Window Problems Plague Pilot, Civic, Element Drivers and Other Honda Owners

Honda owners are becoming increasingly dismayed to see their vehicle windows malfunctioning throughout California and the U.S. Despite Honda denying any window problem exists, owners of Honda Civic, Pilot, Element, Accord, Odyssey, and certain Acura vehicles describe the side windows suddenly dropping open seemingly at random – sometimes when the car is being driven, sometimes when the car has been standing for hours in a parking lot – but in all cases totally unrelated to any driver or passenger action.

Lieff Cabraser represents Honda owners in lawsuits charging that Honda sold them vehicles with a defective window regulator — the mechanism that moves side windows inside the door frame up and down.

As alleged in the lawsuits, the windows can without warning drop into the door frame and break or become permanently stuck in the fully-open position. Honda denies a defect exists in its window regulators and has refused to pay for the expenses consumers incur in repairing the broken windows in their Honda and Acura cars.

Lieff Cabraser partner and product defect attorney Jonathan Selbin notes, “Not only did our clients complain to Honda about their failures at the time, but before we filed this lawsuit we reached out to and notified Honda of the problem and asked them to resolve it for everyone who has the vehicles. Honda never responded.”

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