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Tesla Contractor Employment Visa Questions Arise

As reported by the LA Times and the San Jose Mercury News, concern is growing that Tesla automaker’s recent facility upgrade in Fremont, California may have been achieved at the expense of multiple violations of U.S. labor and visa laws.

The article is excellent, formidably well-researched, and goes into considerable detail in examining the treatment of workers brought from overseas to work on the Fremont plant upgrade by contractors used by Tesla, so much so that a brief summary cannot do it justice. The full article can be read online here. In brief, however, it includes a focus on one worker brought to the U.S. by a contractor on an allegedly questionable visa for expert work in South Carolina who ended up making little more than $5 per hour for a menial labor job in California is harrowing, and casts a disturbing shadow on the employment practices of contractors working for titans of the tech industry such as Tesla.

The bottom line is that some unethical labor contractors are “shipping workers from impoverished countries to American factories, where they work long hours for low wages, in apparent violation of visa and labor laws.” And in addition to underpaying and overworking these workers, some of whom end up with serious injuries and no legal recourse, they are also perpetrating a fraud against the U.S. government as their practices relate to flouted labor laws and dodged taxes, to say nothing of possible human rights violations.

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