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Most annoying male lawyer behaviors

The 10 Male Lawyer Behaviors Female Lawyers Find Most Annoying

In an article on (subscription), The Careerist discusses “10 Male Behaviors That Annoy Female Lawyers.” The list was drawn from comments by exasperated female readers in the wake of earlier advice offered by The Careerist (“How Women Can Be Assertive and Loveable”), responding with how fed up they are with being told how to behave professionally.

As part of the research, a group of female lawyers were asked about their biggest gripes when dealing with male bosses and colleagues, for the purpose of giving men a “crash course on how they should behave.”

The spot-on list begins with:

  1. Don’t sit back with your legs spread wide open when meeting with female attorneys.
  2. Don’t start every meeting with a discussion about sports.
  3. Don’t make comments about a female colleague’s looks, hair, blouse, shoes, etc. that you wouldn’t make about a male colleague.

Visit for the full report on the 10 most objectionable male attorney behaviors.