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Lieff Cabraser’s Work for the Injured in Mass Disaster Cases

Lieff Cabraser is a national plaintiffs’ law firm with over four decades’ experience successfully handling mass tort injury cases, including numerous cases relating to injuries sustained in large-scale disasters such as aviation and railroad accidents. This includes our work on behalf of the families of 122 of the victims of the January 3, 2004 Flash Airlines disaster in Egypt, as Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel representing over twenty families whose loved ones died in the Gol Airlines Flight 1907 crash over the Amazon, representing victims of the July 6, 2013 San Francisco International Airport crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, and as co-counsel in the litigation over a 2013 train derailment in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that killed 50 people.

Since our founding over 40 years ago, Lieff Cabraser has played a leading role in many of the largest, most important injury cases in the U.S. The class actions and individual personal injury cases we have litigated have included a vast range of intentional and negligent misconduct across the automotive, aviation, and heavy rail industries.

Protecting the Rights of the Injured

A severe injury can be overwhelming and little is more devastating than the loss of a loved one. If the loss or injury is the result of carelessness or wrongdoing, a deep sadness and anger toward those responsible is likely. It’s important to first care for the injured and mourn your loss. If you believe wrongful or negligent conduct may have caused the harm suffered by you or a family member, you may want to consider taking legal action.

Most states allow people to bring personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits to require the responsible parties to pay damages and take corrective action to protect other individuals from similar accidents in the future.

Earning the Trust and Respect of Our Clients

Lieff Cabraser’s trial lawyers work hard to achieve the justice you deserve. We have brought thousands of individual cases and hundreds of class and group actions to trial, and have an outstanding record of success. We treat our clients as people, not numbers. Whether you are an individual with a single claim, or one of many involved in a large case, you will have a relationship with our attorneys who will regularly communicate with you.

Nurses, Medical Specialists, and Other Experts

Proving the cause of a defect or accident is often a highly technical undertaking. Our in-house legal nurse consultants, scientific and medical analysts, and investigators have expert skills in evaluating cases and determining causes and monetary values for claims.

Attentive, Personal Service

We work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process to maximize and expedite their recoveries. Each client is assigned an attorney who is responsible for prosecuting the case and regularly communicating with the client. At the same time, our attorneys work as a team, drawing upon their combined knowledge, training, and skills to provide our clients with decades of litigation expertise.

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If you have been injured in an accident you believe may have involved the misconduct or negligence of another, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We provide a free, no obligation, and confidential review of your case. Please use the form on this page or call our New York office toll-free at 1 888 321-1510 and ask to speak to injury attorney Wendy Fleishman.