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Homeopathic Teething Remedies Could Lead to Infant Deaths

Homeopathic Teething Remedies Could Lead to Infant Deaths

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning of the potential health risks to infants and children of certain homeopathic teething remedies. The ongoing FDA investigation involves homeopathic teething tablets and gels sold at large chain pharmacies and other retail stores that are used to treat teething pain. At least 10 infant deaths have been linked to these remedies, in addition to reports from the parents of more than 400 children who have developed serious illnesses.

FDA spokesperson Lyndsay Meyer stated to Buzzfeed News, “At this time, the FDA is still conducting our investigation, and we have not yet completed the analyses of products to determine if there is an association between the adverse events and the homeopathic teething products.”

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine method “based on the notion that substances that cause symptoms of an illness can treat the malady when delivered in highly diluted doses.” Though the practice is unsupported by medical science, homeopathic and herbal products are sold alongside conventional medicines at chain drug stores. According to Bloomberg News, such products generated retail sales of $6.4 billion in the U.S. in 2012.

As reported by, “in addition to seizures, ailments linked to the teething products included fevers, shortness of breath, lethargy, constipation, vomiting, sleeplessness, agitation, and irritability.”

There is no recall on the products, which include Hyland’s Baby Teething Gel, Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, and Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets Nighttime, though at least two major U.S. drugstore chains are pulling all homeopathic teething products subject to the FDA warning off their shelves.

“Teething can be managed without prescription or over-the-counter remedies,” said Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “We recommend parents and caregivers not give homeopathic teething tablets and gets to children and seek advice from their health care professional for safe alternatives.”

The FDA has not yet evaluated or approved of the safety and efficacy of these homeopathic teething tablets and gels, but is currently investigating the product issue.

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