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NJ Transit Train In September Hoboken Accident Going Twice Speed Limit At Crash

According to the New York Times, the New Jersey Transit train involved in last week’s Hoboken crash had accelerated to over 20 miles per hour just before smashing into the terminal, injuring over 100 and killing one commuter. The information came from a report by federal transit officials investigating the accident.

Moments before the crash, the train’s speed was just eight miles per hour, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Then suddenly the train accelerated, more than doubling its speed before plowing through a bumper and into the passenger platform. The NSTB’s investigation continues, and a cause for the tragedy has yet to be determined. The speed limit for trains approaching the Hoboken station, one of the nation’s busiest commuter hubs, is ten miles per hour.

On Thursday September 29th, the packed New Jersey Transit train bringing workers toward Manhattan smashed into the station, causing part of the roof to collapse in a scene described as horrific. The train’s engineer told investigators he did not remember the accident, and only woke up on the floor of the train after it had stopped. All train service at the Hoboken station has been suspended and the Transit authority has not indicated when service will be resumed.

Read the full story on the New York Times site.

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