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Stryker Accolade Hip Implant Injuries and Lawsuits

Stryker Accolade Hip Implant Injuries and Lawsuits

Stryker Accolade implant revision patients report frighteningly high blood metal levels with LFIT cobalt femoral heads. Mismatched implant metals can cause metallosis and dislocations requiring painful revision surgery.

Hip Implant Complication Lawsuits

Hip implant patients nationwide have relied on promises of increased mobility and lessened pain via new and enhanced technologies, only to end up with worse pain and significant complications. In lawsuits alleging injuries like metallosis (build-up of metal debris in soft body tissue) and trunnionosis (wear of the femoral head-neck interface acknowledged as a growing cause of hip implant failures), patients have sought medical costs and damages for pain and suffering as a result of additional surgeries and faulty implants.

Why Did So Many People Get Metal Hip Replacements?

Over 500,000 patients in the United Stated were implanted with artificial “metal-on-metal” hip implants, also known as all-metal hips, during hip replacement surgery. There was a rash of problems with the M-o-M hips. To avoid those problems, doctors started to implant Metal-on-polyethylene hips, but doctors then found there were still mismatched metals in the hip implants.

Many people opted for these new metal on polyethylene hip replacements because device manufacturers claimed the new hip implants — including ball-and-neck modular components made from metals like cobalt, chromium and titanium alloys— were more durable and provided a greater range of motion than earlier-generation artificial implants. Unfortunately, the marketing claims about greater durability, greater range of motion, and fewer problems from metal debris have been proven to be false.

Lawsuits, Settlements, Millions and Even Billions in Compensation

Injury lawyers at Lieff Cabraser are angry about this new deception of clients and patients. The attorneys at Lieff Cabraser are actively investigating the new mismatched-metals problem with Stryker hip implants. We welcome an opportunity to talk with you and investigate your case.

Why Should I Retain Lieff Cabraser as My Hip Injury Lawyer?

Our law firm has been recognized by U.S. News, Best Lawyers, and the National Law Journal as one of the nations’ top law firms for representing clients in injury cases. In October 2016 Benchmark Litigation named our firm one of the Top 10 Plaintiff Firms in America.

Our injury lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients across the U.S. in personal injury cases involving defective medical devices and specifically faulty hip implants.

In addition to our experienced lawyers, we have a team of researchers, legal assistants, and case clerks who assist our clients. Lieff Cabraser also employs five full-time nurses, with decades of experience working with patients.

In addition to offering our clients the advantages and resources that only a national injury law firm can provide, we treat each client as an individual. We will provide you attentive, high-level, individualized representation.

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