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Talc Cancer Victim Awarded $70 Million by Missouri Jury

A Missouri state court jury awarded nearly $71 million dollars on Thursday to a woman claiming she developed ovarian cancer due to using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-containing personal hygiene products on her genitals for decades, who accused the company of not warning consumers about the products’ health risks in order to protect profitable brands.

The jury reached its verdict only a few hours after hearing closing arguments in a lengthy trial that began October 4. They awarded the plaintiff $2.57 million in compensatory damages and $67.5 million in punitive damages. Ms. Giannecchini’s case is just the third out of more than 1,200 others consolidated in Missouri and New Jersey state court to go to trial and was closely watched, after two previous St. Louis juries returned massive verdicts in similar cases earlier this year.

Giannecchini, 46, alleged J&J knew talc particles could travel up the fallopian tubes to the ovaries and cause cancer, but withheld the information from the public due to the popularity of brands like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. Her attorneys argued that J&J ignored compelling scientific evidence from as far back as 1982 linking ovarian cancer with talc powder use, but J&J maintains that ovarian cancer has no single known cause, and that both the FDA and CDC reviewed the potential cancer risks of talc-containing hygiene products and deemed them safe.

When is Enough, Enough?

When is enough going to be enough? Despite repeated verdicts that hold the company accountable, Johnson & Johnson has refused to take its talcum powder products from shelves, has refused to warn consumers about the risk, and refused to take responsibility for all of the harm repeated use of talcum powder has caused women who now suffer from ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson and the talc producers just continue to deny any responsibility and fight the plaintiffs in the courts.

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