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Wells Fargo Loses Arbitration Big Over Deceptive Overdraft Fees

Wells Fargo Loses Arbitration Bid Over Deceptive Overdraft Fees

Mega-bank Wells Fargo has lost a bid to force multidistrict class action over overdraft fee abuse claims into arbitration. The San Francisco-based bank is dealing with numerous lawsuits accusing it of manipulating debit card purchases to maximize overdraft fee revenue in violation of consumer protection laws. Law360 has reported that “the bank has moved to compel arbitration several times with regard to two cases that originated in Florida and California.”

Rather than posting a customer’s transactions in chronological order, Wells Fargo allegedly deducted the largest charges first, drawing down available balances more rapidly and triggering a significantly higher volume of overdraft fees. With respect to the California case, over six years ago, in August 2010, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup ordered that Wells Fargo return approximately $203 million to its customers in restitution for their abusive and deceptive accounting practices. That case is Gutierrez v. Wells Fargo Bank.

Law360 reports that despite the judge’s order, Wells Fargo continued their attempt to escape judgment by filing appeals, responding in an untimely manner, and reversing portions of the judge’s order, in addition to requesting mandatory arbitration multiple times to supplant the court’s judgment.

Quoting Judge James Lawrence King in the Florida case, Law360 noted, “Under the circumstances, it would be unfair, and fundamentally at odds with the principles underlying the Federal Arbitration Act, to permit Wells Fargo to invoke arbitration, after years of litigation, now that the alternate path the bank chose did not turn out as it had hoped. This logic applies with equal force to the class as it did to the named plaintiffs.”

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