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CPSC Warning: Samsung Washing Machines Are Exploding

Government Warns Consumers on Exploding Samsung Washing Machines

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a warning on Samsung top-loading washing machines that can explode without warning. Multiple consumer reports and shared videos tell of top-load Samsung washers manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016 exploding as early as the day of installation, or without warning months or years later.

Lieff Cabraser represents Samsung washer owners in a federal lawsuit in filed New Jersey alleging that some Samsung top-loading washing machines explode in owners’ homes, causing damage to doors, walls, and other home equipment and presenting significant injury risks. The machines can begin to spin out of control and then explode while loads are running.

“It was the loudest sound. It sounded like a bomb went off in my ear,” stated 32-year-old plaintiff Melissa Thaxton of Dallas, Georgia. “There were wires, nuts, the cover actually was laying on the floor. I just remember covering my head and leaning towards my son and just screaming this scream that I didn’t even know I could scream,” Thaxton added.

Beyond damage to the washing machines themselves, reports include descriptions of glass and other machine parts being shot across garages and laundry rooms at distances of over 15 feet, with consequent damage to other appliances, water heaters, and homes. Several Samsung top load washer owners report avoiding injury from the exploding debris and equipment pieces only by fortunate timing or physical blocking from other pieces of furniture or equipment, often mere moments after the owners had their heads or hands right by the machines.

Multiple YouTube videos recorded by Samsung top-load washer owners show exploded machines as well as damage and debris resulting from the blasts.

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