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Lieff Cabraser Attorneys Volunteer at Wills For Heroes Nashville Event

Lieff Cabraser Attorneys Volunteer at Wills for Heroes Nashville Event

Lieff Cabraser attorneys Mark Chalos and Andrew Kaufman will be volunteering with the Tennessee Bar Association and Wills for Heroes on Saturday, December 3rd, offering free will-provision legal services to Nashville police and firefighters. Since Wills for Heroes’ establishment 15 years ago in the wake of the September 11 attacks, attorneys in more than 10 states have provided 7,000 free estate planning documents to emergency first responders across the nation.

Preparing a will is an uncomfortable reminder of human mortality and a surrendering to the inevitable. According to various surveys, between 30% and 55% of the general population had no will. Paradoxically, those numbers are even lower for the first responder community. Despite the inherently dangerous nature of their jobs, an overwhelmingly large number of first responders -– approximately 80-90% — do not have even simple wills.

First responders selflessly devote their lives to serving their communities and are prepared to pay the ultimate price in the line of duty. The relatively low number of first responders with wills also speaks to the selflessness of first responders; the very nature of their profession is to think of others first, to put the good of the community before themselves. Avoiding the thought of ‘what happens if I die’ is, for many first responders, an occupational necessity.

About Wills for Heroes

Wills for Heroes programs provide essential legal documents free of charge to our nation’s first responders, including wills, living wills, and powers of attorney. By helping first responders plan now, they ensure their family’s legal affairs are in order before a tragedy hits. The 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit Wills for Heroes Foundation supports these Wills programs, giving back to the community and “protecting those who protect us.”

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