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Focus On: Law360 Privacy Group Of The Year Lieff Cabraser

Focus On: Law360 Privacy Group Of The Year Lieff Cabraser

Law360 has published an in-depth review of Lieff Cabraser’s Digital Privacy and Data Protection practice group, selected by the publication as a “Practice Group of the Year.” As the publication noted, “In the rapidly evolving legal realm of digital privacy, Lieff Cabraser is going up against big names like Google and Facebook in digital privacy class actions and representing plaintiffs in the fallout from headline-grabbing data breaches at companies like Anthem and Sony Pictures Entertainment.”

As Michael Sobol, chair of Lieff Cabraser’s consumer protection group noted, “We’re engaging in litigation where there’s a real opportunity to make a change or to set some new rules going forward in an electronic, digital world where there aren’t clear guidelines in place. By engaging in litigation and coming up with resolutions and settlements in cases, we are contributing to rewriting the rules of privacy, safeguarding private information and raising and clarifying the standards about what needs to happen in order for us to maintain this important aspect of our autonomy and our democracy.”

Firm partner Jason Lichtman observed that “the area of digital privacy is relatively nascent and rapidly developing, which makes the practice particularly exciting. The bedrock nature of personal privacy and autonomy in our society makes the cases of paramount importance and urgency.”

Partner Nicholas Diamand provided additional insight into our work in this practice area. “There’s this notion of what is our privacy worth, both writ large and in a granular sense. Those issues are really interesting, and they’re shifting. People’s opinions and how people interact online are changing. And while the difference of opinion between defense lawyers and plaintiffs lawyers is on one hand very predictable … it’s a little murkier here because it’s about issues that all of us are engaged with. All of us are online, so those values and concerns bleed across the traditional ‘v.’ split.”

You can read the full article on Law360‘s site (subscription) and learn more about Lieff Cabraser’s Digital Privacy and Data Security practice.