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Lieff Cabraser Statement on Gorsuch Nomination

Lieff Cabraser Statement on Gorsuch Nomination

Lieff Cabraser believes deeply in the Constitution, in its framework for the operation of government, and the rights and protections it provides all people in our Country. We also honor and respect the role the Supreme Court plays in assuring the checks and balances of government and in safeguarding those rights and protections.

We are dismayed that the Republicans in the Senate abandoned their Constitutional duty to hold hearings and a vote on President Obama’s last nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland. We share the view that Judge Garland should, based on the merits, now be Justice Garland. That he was never even afforded the opportunity to address the Nation about his approach to the Constitutional issues of our day was an unprecedented abuse of political power and is a great loss for the Court and the Country.

We now will pay close attention to the confirmation hearing and public statements by President Trump’s nominee for the Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch. We look forward to hearing Judge Gorsuch’s understanding of the role of a Supreme Court Justice, his explanation of his judicial philosophy, and his answers to questions about his prior rulings on the Tenth Circuit and his published writings on the law. We need to hear from Judge Gorsuch on such critical issues as: workers’ rights and safety; privacy rights, including the right of women to access birth control and other reproductive services, including safe abortions; the equal protection rights of members of the LGBT community and other minority groups; the separation of church and state; the freedom of the press; the ability of consumers and investors to seek redress in America’s courtrooms; the protection of our environment from polluters and the impact of climate change; the role of money in our federal elections; the rights of all of our citizens to vote in our elections without being subjected to unwarranted obstacles; and the constitutionality of President Trump’s Executive Orders.

After we have heard from Judge Gorsuch, we will not hesitate to continue to speak out on the issues that matter deeply to us.

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