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Public Justice Director Paul Bland On Recent Immigration Executive Orders

Writing for Daily Kos, Public Justice’s Executive Director Paul Bland makes a cogent and reasoned argument in favor of allowing class treatment for individuals harmed by recent Executive Orders restricting immigration into the U.S. “While the Administration has grouped all Muslim immigrants and refugees from these seven countries together for the purposes of denying them entry into the United States, it doesn’t want them grouped together when they try to go to court,” Bland writes in the piece.

Lieff Cabraser recently filed an amicus brief on behalf of Public Justice and Impact Fund in support of the stay on the order restricting entry into the U.S. Bland’s article references the brief and collective efforts as he puts it “to rightly recognize that these men, women and children are being treated as a group by the President’s executive order and so should be treated as a group when the courts consider challenges to that order, too.”

Bland’s full article is available on

The amicus brief in Darweesh, et al. v. Trump, et al. was filed February 16, 2017, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.