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Sanctuary Cities Fight

Los Angeles Opposes Trump Withholding Federal Money from Sanctuary Cities

As reported by the Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles is one of 36 jurisdictions that filed brief in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday opposing an executive order threatening to keep federal funds away from sanctuary cities. San Francisco has a pending lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of Trump’s intended financial punishment of cities that fail to fall into lockstep with a federal immigration crackdown. A similar brief was filed a week earlier by a similar group of affected jurisdictions in support of a lawsuit filed by Santa Clara on the same issue.

The brief argues that Trumps’ attempted financial strongarming will directly threaten public health and safety even as it snarls otherwise beneficial relationships between immigrants and police, including causing crime victims to avoid coming forward because of deportation fears.

“Today, 36 cities and counties across the nation, representing over 24 million people, joined together to stand up for the health and safety of their communities and oppose President Trump’s ill-conceived and unconstitutional executive order that would require local jurisdictions to perform federal immigration work or risk losing unrelated federal funding,” said Kelly Dermody, an attorney for the coalition of jurisdictions. “Local jurisdictions are in the best position to set these priorities and they understand that driving some residents underground in fear of any interaction with local authorities makes every resident in that community, and those adjacent, less safe.”

A copy of the brief is available for review.