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Trump Administration Guts US Internet Consumer Privacy Rules Even as Illegal Harvesting of Children’s Data By Game and App Studios Continues

Even as the Trump administration eliminated significant privacy protections enacted by the FCC under Obama to expose the browsing information of hundreds of millions of Americans, the broadband industry and its Washington insider allies have leapt in to trumpet what a great thing it is to let Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T, et al. monitor and sell info about our every step online. This includes the now-permissible passive tracking of adult activity across apps and devices that is still illegal when applied to kid’s data under special separate laws enacted to protect children.

While the new actions by the republican-dominated Congress have declared open season on adult internet data and the rampant selling thereof, kids’ data remains protected under COPPA, the Childrens’ Online Privacy Protection Act. Nevertheless, major app and game manufacturers continue to gather and sell child data and info in direct violation of the law. Some of the most popular and widely used child games and apps produced by the biggest names in the entertainment industry routinely collect and sell personal information from children, including geo data, screen and user names, and “persistent identifiers” that allow children to be recognized across apps and websites.

COPPA requires parental consent to obtain kid’s data, but most companies never ask for permission. This is illegal.

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Giant media companies and digital ad networks directly profit by tracking and accumulating information about kids to generate comprehensive and detailed profiles of children without parental permission. Recent governmental investigations and lawsuits in New York and elsewhere reveal that numerous major game and app manufacturers allow third-parties to illegally access, collect, and profit from childrenís personal information on some of the most popular children’s websites and mobile apps and games.

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