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Lydia Lee Moderates NAPPA Panel at 2017 Legal Education Conference

Lydia Lee Moderates NAPPA Panel at 2017 Legal Education Conference

Lieff Cabraser attorney Lydia Lee will be moderating a panel entitled “DC Plan Affinity Group: DB to DC Conversions – Implementing the Mandate” at the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys (NAPPA) 2017 Legal Education June 27-June 30 Conference at the Portola Hotel in Monterey, California.

Ms. Lee’s panel includes presenters Joseph Fox (Executive Director, Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System) and Melanie Symons (Chief Legal Counsel, Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration). The session will cover legislative mandates that convert Defined Benefit plans to Defined Contribution plans for public employees, and how this affects employer contributions.

Click here for the full NAPPA Legal Education Conference agenda.

About Lydia Lee

Of Counsel to Lieff Cabraser, Lydia Lee has been practicing law for over 25 years. She is an experienced and accomplished attorney specializing in corporate governance, pension practices, and fiduciary matters. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Ms. Lee spent 19 years as the general counsel for a multi-billion dollar governmental retirement fund, advising a thirteen-member Board of Trustees and overseeing four different defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

About National Association of Public Pension Attorneys (NAPPA)

Created in 1987, NAPPA is a professional legal and educational organization whose membership consists exclusively of attorneys representing public pension funds. It is considered to be the leading educational association for attorneys in the public pension arena. NAPPA’s mission is to provide educational opportunities and informational resources for member attorneys.