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Mark Chalos in The Tennessean on United Airlines as the Iceberg's Tip of Bad Corporate Behavior

Mark Chalos in The Tennessean on United Airlines as the Iceberg’s Tip of Bad Corporate Behavior

Lieff Cabraser Nashville office Managing Partner Mark Chalos is no fan of unleashed corporations. As an opinion piece in The Tennessean makes clear, Chalos sees incidents like United Airlines’ recent behavior with respect to a physician manhandled off a flight to make room for an airline employee as emblematic of a system where critical regulation has been steadily eroded, of years of corporate efforts to “eliminate the mechanisms that hold them accountable for their bad behavior.”

As Chalos notes, “the arrogance displayed by United in its initial handling and then in its later response is the latest symptom of the free reign our politicians recently have given corporations to act badly.”

Chalos points out that many corporate efforts to reduce their accountability don’t make the nightly news. “Many of their efforts occur outside of the view of most Americans. For example, in the Tennessee legislature, special interests have succeeded in closing the courthouse doors to many Tennesseans who are injured by bad corporations, including out-of-state trucking companies, overseas product manufacturers, hospitals, and nursing homes,” Chalos observes.

Calling to private citizens everywhere, Chalos writes, “We must send a clear message to our political leaders that the time has come to hold corporations accountable when they do wrong. Our leaders must show courage in the face of the temptations of money and influence that these powerful special interests offer them.”

He urges people to get in touch with their elected officials (Senate link and House link) and make it clear that our collective constitutional rights need active protection.

Read the full piece on The Tennessean website.