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Daily Journal Names Lieff Cabraser Attorneys as 2017 Top Plaintiff Lawyers

Daily Journal Names Lieff Cabraser Attorneys as 2017 Top Plaintiff Lawyers

For the second year in a row, the Daily Journal has chosen Elizabeth J. Cabraser and Eric B. Fastiff as Top Plaintiff Lawyers. The award recognizes attorneys for their active involvement in significant cases that make a difference in California and the world.

The Journal highlights Cabraser’s lead counsel role in the speedy and successful $14.7 billion settlement of the Volkswagen diesel emissions lawsuit, where over 500,000 U.S. Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche vehicles were found to contain rigged emissions systems in their diesel engines and more than 500 separate federal lawsuits were filed over these “dirty diesel” vehicles.

“I think what’s compelling to judges and lawyers and everyone who does the law for a living is that justice is an unfinished project,” Cabraser said. “It won’t be finished in our lifetime. You can look at it in two ways. One is: Why bother? The other is: This is fabulous – I have a life’s work.”

Separately, the Journal focused on Fastiff’s antitrust work, including the California Cipro Cases I and II, as well as cases involving allegations of certain airlines conspiring to overcharge consumers, and illegal price fixing of water treatment chemicals.

“Some people don’t like antitrust cases because [they don’t] have the cachet of an employment discrimination or personal injury case. It might seem a little less personal,” explained Fastiff. “But holding a company accountable for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, or billions of dollars, from their customers – be they smaller companies or governments or consumers – I find very fulfilling.”

See the full Daily Journal 2017 Top Plaintiff Lawyers edition (subscription).

About Elizabeth Cabraser

A name partner and co-founder of Lieff Cabraser, Ms. Cabraser chairs the firm’s personal injury and environmental litigation practice groups. One of the nation’s leading class action litigators and possessing unparalleled expertise in complex civil litigation, she has served as court-appointed lead, co-lead, or class counsel in scores of federal multi-district and state coordinated proceedings. Today, she serves in court-appointed leadership positions in several of the nation’s highest profile civil cases, including a solo leadership role in the VW “Clean Diesel” Emissions case, as well as lead positions in the GM ignition switch defect and Takata defective airbag cases.

About Eric Fastiff

The chair of Lieff Cabraser’s Antitrust, Intellectual Property, and Commercial Litigation Practice Group, Eric B. Fastiff has practiced commercial litigation for the past 20 years in the drug, food, technology, finance, and natural resource industries. Eric serves as co-lead counsel in the California Cipro litigation and represents The Charles Schwab Corporation in a suit against several major banks for alleged LIBOR manipulation. Eric’s notable successes include representing businesses that purchased TFT-LCD panels and products in litigation charging that the world’s leading manufacturers conspired to fix prices, resulting in settlements totaling over $470 million. Eric also spearheaded prosecution of class action litigation against De Beers for monopolization of the rough diamond trade, resulting in a $295 million settlement.