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Ethicon Issues Product Recall of Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh

Fourth Philadelphia Pelvic Mesh Injury Lawsuit Ends with $2.16 Million Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

On May 26, 2017, the fourth pelvic mesh injury case against Johnson & Johnson to reach trial ended with a $2.16 million verdict in favor of Sharon Beltz, a Pennsylvania woman whose lawsuit alleged that J&J subsidiary Ethicon’s surgical mesh product led to permanent injuries including chronic pain.

The first of the four cases tried so far to not reach a verdict including punitive damages, the jury nonetheless found that the risks of Ethicon’s mesh product outweighed its benefits, and that the implant was responsible for Ms. Beltz serious ongoing pain, including pain during sexual intercourse and chronic vaginal pain.

The $2 million-plus verdict for the plaintiff in this most recent case was consistent with the previous three Pennsylvania verdicts that have come out of recent vaginal mesh injury cases in Philadelphia, in trials that led to awards totaling $46 million against J&J/Ethicon, including an aggregate of $35 million in punitive damage awards. In the previous three trials, juries found that the Ethicon surgical mesh was defectively designed and that the company did not provide adequte warning to doctors about the risks connected with the mesh product.

Ms. Beltz’ surgery that included implantation of the Ethicon Prolift mesh occurred in 2006, six years before Ethicon pulled the mesh product from the market in 2012. Ethicon stopped U.S. sales of the Prolift mesh in the wake of a 2012 FDA order to mesh manufacturers to conduct risk studies after reports of a 5x increase in injury and other negative event reports connected with vaginal and pelvic surgical mesh that arose from 2008 to 2010. A fifth pelvic mesh injury trial is ongoing, and Ethicon and J&J face more than 180 additional surgical mesh injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania alone.

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