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Talcum powder linked to ovarian cancer

New Lawsuit Accuses J&J of Targeting Minority Women with Deadly Talc Products

According to plaintiff lawyers in a new talc injury trial commencing in Missouri, Johnson & Johnson worked to increase sales of its talc powder products by specifically targeting African-American women — women who already face a higher cancer risk relating to talc use. The lawsuit is being brought on behalf of three African-American women who died of ovarian cancer after long term use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products.

In their opening statement, the plaintiffs, survivors of the deceased women, assert that they will present evidence at trial showing that in the wake of flagging sales of hygiene products containing the controversial talc powder, J&J directly targeted groups of women known to use talc products at greater rates. As noted by Law360 (subscription), “these groups included African-American women — women who have been shown in studies to have an increased risk of getting ovarian cancer when using talc on their genital areas.”

The talc injury lawyers in the case allege J&J targeted these minority groups to boost talc product sales despite possessing scientific and medical studies showing these same populations have an increased risk of “the most deadly form of female cancer out there.” They argue the company should have included warnings about these known medical dangers, which would likely have led women to avoid dangerous long-term talc use and quite possibly saved their lives.

The company vigorously denied all the accusations leveled against it, which include further claims the company engaged in a plot to influence FDA regulators against including the needed cancer warnings on the products. The trial, the sixth against J&J alleging links between talc products and ovarian cancer tried in Missouri so far, will continue in the coming weeks. The previous trials have led to over $300 million in verdicts against J&J in Missouri so far.

Video: Important Information for Women Concerned About Talc and Cancer

Talcum Powder and Ovarian CancerLieff Cabraser attorney Tiseme Zegeye recently released a video discussing alleged connections between regular use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. The video includes information on lawsuits filed by injured women against Johnson & Johnson, as well as guidance on how injured women can contact Ms. Zegeye and other Lieff Cabraser lawyers for help with their potential cases against J&J.

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