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Exploding Takata Airbags

Exploding Takata Airbag Kills Florida Driver in Car Crash

In the newest fatality relating to defective Takata airbags, a Florida driver was killed in a car accident when the inflator in a Takata airbag suddenly ruptured and exploded. The individual was driving a 2002 Honda Accord whose airbags had not been fixed in the massive Takata recall and repair scheme. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, “if the airbag [indeed] caused the death, it would be the 19th death worldwide and the 13th in the U.S. blamed on the inflators.”

Earlier this year, Japanese auto parts maker Takata Corp. pled guilty and agreed to pay $1 billion as part of a settlement in the lawsuit over its defective airbags. The affected Takata airbags contain a propellant with ammonium-nitrate that can cause the airbags to explode upon impact in an accident, shooting out metal debris from the casing towards drivers and passengers. Numerous lawsuits charge that Takata knew of the defects in its products a decade ago, after conducting secret tests that showed dangerous flaws in the airbags. But rather than alert federal safety regulators to these risks, Takata allegedly ordered its engineers to delete test data.

Marked as the largest automotive recall in U.S. history, the faulty Takata airbags involved 42 million vehicles and 69 million inflators, with more than 100 million vehicles worldwide being recalled.

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Lieff Cabraser represents drivers across the U.S. threatened by Takata air bag defects. Nearly 34 million vehicles, most manufactured prior to 2009, have been recalled worldwide due to the problem. This is the largest automotive recall to date in U.S. history. These airbags were installed in U.S. and foreign made cars and pickup trucks including in vehicles made by Volkswagen and Audi, Acura, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Ford, Toyota, GM, Chrysler, and Nissan, among others.

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