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NHTSA Investigating Ford Explorer SUV Exhaust Fume Leaks

NHTSA Investigating Ford Explorer SUV Exhaust Fume Leaks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expanding its investigation into complaints about leaky exhaust fumes in Ford Explorer SUVs, adding 400,000 vehicles to bring the total review pool up to over 1.3 million Explorers with model years ranging from 2011-2017. Fume leaks inside the Ford vehicles have reportedly led to numerous instances of driver impairment.

Three crashes and 41 injuries have been reported to the agency asserting Ford Explorer exhaust leak problems, with drivers indicating side effects including loss of consciousness, nausea, and headaches. There are also concerns that drivers are being exposed to highly dangerous carbon monoxide. ABC News reports that police in Houston, Texas have pulled their fleet of Ford Explorer vehicles off the road in the face of concerns about officer impairment and dangers to police and the public.

“A total of 791 people have complained to the government about the fumes, while Ford has received more than 2,000 complaints and warranty claims,” reported SF Gate. The Gate further noted that many of the complaints about the fumes in the vehicles originated from police departments, many of which use a modified version of the Explorer in their vehicle fleets.

Customers who are concerned about their Ford Explorer and leaky exhaust fumes can call a dedicated hotline at (888) 260-5575, or visit their local dealer for more information. The government’s investigation will continue as more data is gathered on potential problems within the vehicles and the attendant risks to drivers and passengers.

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