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Child Privacy Violations by Disney, Viacom, Others May Lead to New Kind of Privacy Lawsuit

Child Privacy Violations by Disney, Viacom, Others May Lead to New Kind of Privacy Lawsuit

Red Tape Chronicles reports on the child privacy lawsuits filed last week by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel against defendants including Disney and Viacom over allegations that dozens of kids’ apps and games illegally track children’s usage and data through mobile phones and other internet-connected devices. The cases focus in part on an “intrusion upon seclusion” claim, an intentional invasion into the private affairs of a given individual, in this instance millions of children throughout the U.S. “I think the lawyers caught Mickey with his shorts down,” said Jeff Chester, director of the Center for Digital Democracy.

The lawsuits claim that Viacom, Disney, and other developers include software in the games and apps that facilitate “unique identifiers” that allow the companies to track users both inside and outside of game play for subsequent advertising. With respect to children under the age of 13, such tracking and monetizing are exploitations that are forbidden by the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. While the corporations generally claim they anonymize all that data, privacy advocates note those claims are deceptive and false. “With just a few data points, people can be pretty precisely identified,” notes Red Tape’s Bob Sullivan. “Damages and financial compensation for torts like causing injury in a car accident are well established. What’s the harm in collecting someone’s personal data? That’s yet to be determined.”

With respect to the children whose parents allege privacy invasions and exploitations from the myriad of Disney and Viacom games, that is precisely what the lawsuits seek to establish.

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