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Law360 Names Lieff Cabraser a "2019 California Powerhouse"a "2017 California Powerhouse" for Litigation

Law360 Names Lieff Cabraser a “2017 California Powerhouse” for Litigation

Law360 has named Lieff Cabraser to its 2017 list of “California Powerhouse Law Firms,” one of only six firms to be so recognized and the only plaintiffs’ firm on the list. The selection includes an in-depth profile of Lieff Cabraser published today that highlights our case work on the nationwide Volkswagen diesel emissions litigation, as well as the massive 2015-2016 Porter Ranch gas leak in Southern California as well as the seminal Cipro antitrust case, for which the firm’s antitrust team won a 2017 antitrust enforcement award from the American Antitrust Institute.

“Even the largest of us is a very small firm compared to the litigation firms on the other side, so we need to know how to band together and work together, and one of our principles is that we work well with other lawyers,” stated Lieff Cabraser founding partner Elizabeth J. Cabraser. “We share the work. We share the risk. We share the achievements that make us stronger. And, of course, that’s what our clients need.”

“When the calendar page turned to 2017, our lawyers were expecting it was going to be a challenging year for underserved communities,” said Kelly M. Dermody, chair of the firm’s employment practice group and managing partner of the San Francisco office. “We fully deployed. How do we as a legal community give back? Now is certainly a time to serve justice.”

Managing partner Steven E. Fineman noted the firm’s burgeoning cases in data privacy, which include high-profile child data theft lawsuits against Disney and Viacom, among others, as well as data breach cases like the successful Anthem patient data and Google message scanning cases. Dermody pointed to new and ongoing cases over equity fraud and gender discrimination like 2017’s Google gender discrimination, while Cabraser identified sees the firm’s future focusing on adaptability, as employment cases at Lieff Cabraser can also be intertwined with antitrust cases, public safety cases often involve environmental matters, and consumer cases can become employment cases.

“The one thing that’s been constant in our firm is change, and we don’t tend to see cases fall into neat categories, because they don’t,” Cabraser explained. “We try to be flexible. We try to look at cases, and we always used to say there’s only one kind of case that we do: That’s one that we firmly believe is worthwhile.”

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