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Lieff Cabraser Named "California Powerhouse" Law Firm by Law360

Lieff Cabraser Named “California Powerhouse” Law Firm by Law360

Law360 has named Lieff Cabraser to its 2017 list of “California Powerhouse Law Firms.” One of just six firms so honored, and the only plaintiffs’ firm on the list, Lieff Cabraser is the smallest “powerhouse” to be recognized. This recollects Law360’s 2016 nationwide “Best Firms for Litigation” listing, where our firm held its own to be ranked in the Top 50 Firms for Litigation alongside firms as much as 20 or more times its size.

As the legal news service put it, “In California, as the world’s most famous innovators blur the lines between sectors like media and tech and create new industries with new legal problems, nimble firms with the ability to be as creative as their clients at solving problems locally and globally rose above the rest.”

In this preliminary overview, Law360 singled out Lieff Cabraser’s work on the Cipro antitrust case, “carving out new case law for pharmaceutical pay-for-delay cases” after the California Supreme Court revived drug buyers’ claims that Bayer Corp. illegally paid generic manufacturers $400 million to delay launching their own version of blockbuster antibiotic Cipro. The lawsuit resulted in settlements totaling $399 million, bringing claimants’ restitution to nearly 100 cents on the dollar.

Read the announcement on Law360 (subscription).