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California Utilities Commission Rules That Customers Will Not Pay Uninsured Costs of 2007 San Diego Fires

The California Public Utilities Commission has unanimously ruled that the San Diego Gas & Electric Company and not its customers will have to pay $379+ million in uninsured costs relating to the 2007 fires in Witch, Guejito, and Rice that killed two people and destroyed over 1,300 homes. As reported by the Ventura County Star, “Investigators found SDG&E failed to properly maintain its equipment and trim tree branches and chaparral growing near power lines, which arced and sparked as those infernos began.” San Diego Gas and its insurers did pay over $2 billion for filed claims, but the utility had sought to get its customers to pay for all remaining costs via rate hikes and other charges.

The PUC also voted unanimously to implement new and stricter rules that will require California utilities to work to reduce future risks from wildfires. With respect to October’s devastating fires in Northern California, PG&E is facing a myriad of customer and home and business owner lawsuits over its role in sparking the fires.

Lieff Cabraser Files Class Action Lawsuit Over 2017 North Bay Fires

On November 30, 2017, Lieff Cabraser filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of several named plaintiffs against PG&E for losses relating to the devastating October 2017 North Bay Fires. The lawsuit seeks to hold PG&E accountable for damages to real and personal property, loss of income, and loss of business arising from the fires. “As our complaints allege, these fires share common causes – they were sparked by PG&E’s unsafe electrical infrastructure,” noted Elizabeth Cabraser, one of plaintiffs’ co-counsel. “These preventable Fires have destroyed and disrupted Californians’ homes, businesses, livelihoods, and lives on an unprecedented scale. All of those harmed have a stake in the swiftest possible determination of liability, and in the fair and inclusive allocation of damages and compensation.”

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