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Nashville to Explore Opioid Harm Lawsuit Against Manufacturers and Distributors

Nashville to Explore Opioid Harm Lawsuit Against Manufacturers and Distributors

As reported by the Tennessean, the Nashville city council has voted to contract Lieff Cabraser to explore a potential lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and distributors for economic harms caused by the opioid crisis local to Nashville.

Attorney Mark Chalos

“The opioid catastrophe has devastated families throughout our community,” said Mark Chalos, managing partner of Lieff Cabraser’s Nashville office. “We are honored to represent our hometown in leading the fight against the wrongdoers. The lawsuit seeks to recover taxpayer money spent to combat the effects of the opioid catastrophe in our city.”

As reflected in the city council’s analysis of the case, the “economic impacts” of opioid addiction on local Nashville government include emergency room visits, law enforcement response, incarceration, drug addiction treatment, child abuse and neglect, and the cost for removing children from parental custody, as well as medical treatment for prenatal opioid exposure. Cities and counties nationwide are beginning to take legal action against opioid manufacturers and distributors as the opioid crisis has escalated wildly in recent years. As the Tennessean notes, “There were more opioid prescriptions than people in Tennessee in 2015. More people died of opioid overdoses than vehicle accidents, homicide or suicides in 2012. Between 2010-2015, opioid abuse claimed the lives of 6,039 Tennesseans.”

On December 18th, Lieff Cabraser filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Smith County, Tennessee against a substantial list of companies that seeks recovery of public dollars spent combating the opioid epidemic there. That suit is believed to be the first of its kind filed on behalf of a county in Tennessee.

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