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Lieff Cabraser Files Class Action Lawsuit Against eClinicalWorks for Fraud and Breach of Contract

Lieff Cabraser Files Class Action Lawsuit Against eClinicalWorks for Fraud and Breach of Contract

In late December 2017, Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel filed a class action fraud lawsuit against eClinicalWorks, a provider of electronic health record (“EHR”) software. The complaint charges eClinicalWorks with engaging in deceptive and fraudulent practices as well as breach of contract with regard to the company’s EHR offerings.

According to the complaint, a critical component of eClinicalWorks’ products and services relating to EHR are its guarantees to client healthcare providers that its products meet certain federal standards–for example, using a government-approved code set for electronically-transmitted prescriptions and ensuring that patient records can be transferred easily and accurately. Customers claim that the company’s software failed to meet these and other requirements for years.

“A significant number of eClinicalWorks customers are dissatisfied and believe the software is not compliant with government regulations and does not function as promised,” stated Lieff Cabraser attorney Mark P. Chalos, who is among the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this case.

As Healthcare IT News notes, “Chalos added that the suit is asking the court to require that eClinicalWorks both fix its software and put its hospital and practice customers back in the position they were in before encountering the problems with eClinicalWorks technology.”

The suit also alleges that eClinicalWorks’ deceptive trade practices resulted in the plaintiffs and the proposed class suffering financial losses, forcing them to renew contracts with eClinicalWorks instead of being able to switch to a rival electronic health record vendor that follows proper government-mandated practices.

“Any company that puts out a product that doesn’t perform as promised should make it right for the customers. If they refuse to make it right for the customers they are certainly at risk of being held accountable in the civil justice system,” Chalos said. “We don’t have any information at large that EHR vendors are specifically bad, but any company that cheats its customers needs to make it right.”

The case is Carrollton Family Clinic, LLC, et al. v. eClinicalWorks, LLC, No. 17-cv-12530-RGS and is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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