In 2018 The New York Times published an explosive article detailing a widespread pattern of sexual exploitation and abuse by now-deceased Dr. Reginald Archibald at New York’s Rockefeller University Hospital in a staggering range of incidents dating as far back as the 1950s and extending to a thousand patients or more. Now that New York legislature has passed a groundbreaking expansion of the time period in which survivors can bring lawsuits relating to such offenses, affected patients of Dr. Archibald are empowered to seek redress for their past victimization via legal means.

The Times cited “conversations with 17 people, most of them men, who said they were abused by Dr. Archibald when they were young boys or adolescents.” Most only learned that other victims existed after receiving a September 2018 letter from the hospital asking about their experiences with Dr. Archibald, a letter that was later followed by an online posting revealing that Rockefeller Hospital had evidence of Archibald’s “inappropriate” conduct with patients via credible evidence it had actually possessed since 2004. Such letters may have gone to as many as 1,000 former patients of the doctor.

The allegations of persistent and widespread sexual abuse, that extend as far back as the 1950s, relate to child patients ranging from ages as young as six to 17.

Although prior to 2019 New York law prohibited the filing of lawsuits for matters this old, as of January 28, 2019 the New York State Senate passed the Child Victims Act, which expands the statute of limitations with respect to child sexual abuse cases, creating an initial year-long period during which all victims can sue regardless of the timing of the abuse. The Child Victims Act will also allow prosecutors to bring criminal charges until a victim turns 28, and victims can now sue until age 55. This makes for a radical expansion of the time frame in which abuse suits can be brought forward.


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