Lieff Cabraser partner Mark P. Chalos recently spoke with Fortune Magazine about continued concerns over the safety of cruise ships post COVID-19, as many companies are beginning to try to bring passengers back on board.

According to Fortune, during the Coronavirus outbreak, at least 95 people died from COVID-19 cases linked to cruise ships, while almost 3,000 passengers developed confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 aboard cruise ships.

Even as cruise lines tout their efforts to create new health and safety standards, Chalos, who represents nearly 100 passengers suing Carnival, believes there are reasons for the public to remain wary. “Many people who were on these ships were loyal cruisers,” noted Chalos. “They trusted these companies to protect them and to put their safety above corporate profits.”

The lawsuits that Chalos and Lieff Cabraser have filed include four class-action complaints alleging personal injuries and wrongful death after passengers contracted COVID-19 aboard Carnival-owned ships.

Fortune notes that as Chalos and his clients see it, “Carnival’s actions in the early days of COVID-19 fell woefully short of safeguarding its customers’ health and safety” and that these class-action lawsuits are way to demand that Carnival take more pro-active and specific measures in handling future outbreaks on its ships.

“At the end of the day, I don’t believe the cruise industry will go away,” said Chalos. “But if it ever expects to gain the confidence of its passengers again, cruise companies will need to change the way they do business.”

Read the full article on Fortune’s site.

About Mark Chalos

The managing partner of Lieff Cabraser’s Nashville office, Mark Chalos (@mpchalos) represents individuals who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries and families whose loved ones died due to the negligence or misconduct of others. Mark represents counties and cities across the U.S., as well as Native American tribes and health organizations, in the national opioids litigation. He is serving as part of the national case leadership in these cases, including preparing bellwether cases for trial.

Mr. Chalos has tried cases to juries and judges around the country. He serves in the leadership of numerous class actions and multidistrict litigations. He is an adjunct professor of law at Vanderbilt University Law School, is a frequent speaker at legal seminars nationwide on a variety of civil litigation topics, and is regularly cited by top-tier media outlets.

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